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Nothing is more important to a leader than continual learning. The best leaders I have worked with are sponges for learning, soaking up information from everything around them. They apply this information to generate ideas: new ways to chart their self-development; new ways to guide the experience of change for others; new paths on which to take their organizations.

Learning is food for creative leaders.

The resources offered here are screened or developed to reinforce the messages and orientations that creative leaders can use in order to thrive in their challenging roles.

The Excerpts from M. Shenkman’s forthcoming book, The Arch and the Path: The Life of Leading Greatly, provide a fuller picture of the intent, content and direction of the programs of The Arch of Leadership. We encourage your comments and feedback – positive and critical – so we can improve the final product and focus better on the issues you raise.
This section will be updated periodically, so come back to see the new sections of the book we are highlighting for your interest and comment.

The Client Resources section provides materials for our students and clients in the course of our guided mentoring programs. These resources are restricted to client use and are available only by means of a password. The other resources are available to you unrestricted, for your enjoyment and benefit.

The Commentaries section is a space in which the Arch Mentors and invited guests express their opinions, make observations, offer media reviews in order to offer opportunities for creative leaders to engage with others on important subjects. This section is updated periodically, so be sure to check back to see what’s new.

The Recommended Media section includes the books, movies, and other media that our mentors and clients have found useful, even inspiring, in their work with us. This list is also updated periodically, so keep checking back. Please let us know your recommendations. We will include these in our section, Visitors' Recommendations.


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