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Leadership Difference Snapshot

This is a different kind of "quiz".

Would you agree that there are certain things that only leadership can do for an organization? Would you agree that if leadership isn’t active and effective in your organizations, problems arise? This quiz helps you focus on just those aspects of your organization that are most affected by leadership.

It doesn’t test your knowledge about leadership. That is so vast an area, who could presume to “test” you on that.
But over the years we’ve seen how organizations respond to leading. And, I am sure you would agree, the difference leadership makes in an organization’s performance is clear. With leadership, an organization is exciting, fun, effective. Without leadership, it is boring, political, anxious, compromising and mediocre. It’s that simple.

This Leadership Snapshot focuses your attention on those aspects of an organization that we have found to be most sensitive to the effect of leading. By taking it, you will get a snapshot on the overall “leadership health” of your organization.

There are lots of ways to get useful information from this snapshot. For fun, have many people in your organization take it and compare the results. Also, take it twice: once for your department or group and another time for your impression of the whole organization. Finally, think about the questions you have to answer with low scores – what can you do to improve the situation? Maybe the Arch of Leadership’s programs can help.

Take a new look at yourself through
the leadership difference snapshot!

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