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December 2005

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In Michael Shenkman's book The Arch and the Path we see how great leaders embark on a strenuous life path in order to transform mere possibilities into more expansive and encompassing opportunities for all. Shenkman vividly portrays how the life of leading is a journey of the mind, heart and spirit that is like no other.

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   Transforming Entrepreneurial Businesses

The Arch of Leadership
ARCH Spotlight: Bonnie Gorbaty

One of the more inventive ways to introduce young professionals today to a life of leading is an entrepreneurial model developed by Bonnie Gorbaty, our East Coast Associate based in Greater Boston. For the past year, Bonnie has been recruiting entrepreneurs to study and assimilate the ARch of Leadership curriculum, then use its powerful concepts to transform the way they lead their own businesses. Combining both individual and group sessions, Bonnie mentored eight entrepreneur "students" in 2005 to new levels of leadership effectiveness.

A very special associate of ours, Bonnie comes to the Arch table with an especially impressive history of leader achievements. Founder of her own firm, Inner Resources, based in Newton MA (www.inner-resources.biz), she specializes in helping leaders build profitable companies, customer-driven businesses and exciting, stimulating and fulfilling places to work. She was recently honored by Boston Women's Magazine on their list of New England's "Ten Outstanding Female Coaches of 2005."

Throughout her professional life, she haas repeatedly demonstrated her talent for developing successful business strategies in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. With a keen understanding of the behavioral sciences (her MA is in Motivational Psychology), she customizes powerful strategic action programs that enable her clients to tap into their highest potentials.

Bonnie's long and diverse list of clients is equally impressive, including: Monster.com, Cabot Corporation, DeVA Systems Group, AccountAbility Outsourcing, Birch Point Paper Products, The Commonwealth Institute, East End House, ARBOR Associates, and ElectroChem. Academic credentials include a B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology and an M.A. from Lesley College.

Says Michelle Drolet, CEO of CONQWEST Inc., a participant in Bonnie's Arch program as well as a CEO forum that Bonnie facilitates, "Her enthusiasm and professionalism have assisted not only me but many others in reaching a higher level in our leadership and management abilities." To insure that such progress continues, Bonnie has added a leader support group so that graduates of her program can assist each other as they forge ahead into their new lives of "leading greatly," within the umbrella of the Arch community and its common language.

How does Bonnie view her own work? "After 25 years of pioneering the concept and practice of coaching within the business environment, it is really exciting to see the evolution of that in the leader mentoring work I am now doing using the concepts of the Arch of Leadership. There has always been a tremendous value for business executives in receiving the one-on-one guidance and support that keeps their individual learning and growth on track with the challenges of business. Their successes are often built upon their own ability to stay ahead of the curve of change through their own growth and change."

Have YOU been thinking about the challenge of leadership and a life of living greatly? Spaces are still available for Bonnie's next round of the Arch Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, planned for the Boston area in early 2006. To learn more about this program, contact Bonnie directly: http://www.archofleadership.com/aboutus/aboutus.htm

   Arch in the News

Michael ShenkmanResonating from Boston to Silicon Valley

Albuquerque Magazine recently published a Q&A with Michael that highlighted his views on why his new book The Arch and The Path, The Life of Leading Greatly has been resonating in such "far-flung places" as Boston and the Silicon Valley. Read the full article by clicking here.

Succession planning on your mind?

If so, read Michael's just published article "Keep Succession Planning on the Front Burner" in the current edition of Nonprofit World. Read the full article by clicking here.

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