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September 2010

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Online Learning:
Leader Development Your Way

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   Online Learning: Leader Development Your Way

Michael Shenkman Readers of Leader Pathways,

Here at the Arch of Leadership, we are thinking about your aspirations as a leader. We are hard at work to ensure that you have every opportunity to take charge of this most important life goal.

You probably received an email announcing that enrollment is now open for our Fall course, “Your Leadership Difference.”

To spur your decision to sign up for this program, I want to emphasize how this program is designed with YOU in mind.

Less corporate spending on leader development

First a little background. Fewer and fewer companies, CEOs and Boards are willing or able to foster the development of their employees’ leadership potential. The reasons for this are clear: tight budgets and a sputtering economy make any additional employee expenses questionable, let alone offering something as personal, extended over time, and as expensive as professional leader mentoring. As one senior instructor at a business school commented recently, “I have been teaching for 20 years, and I’ve never seen an environment so unwilling to invest in employees as this one.”

But it’s not just the economy. It’s also a matter of what most U.S. businesses do these days. First, gone are the large-scale manufacturers that used to retain, promote and develop their employees’ careers; even large services businesses don’t generate the margins they used to, even as recently as 10 years ago.

Second, very few companies are structured to establish themselves as long-lasting enterprises. Most businesses are structured to be bought out, spun off, or broken up into pieces. Few CEOs and founders intend to create a place where entry-level personnel can look forward to years of development and cultivation of their careers. Start-ups or small “salon” type businesses that come and go rather quickly are the order of the day.

Any way you cut it, it is a tough environment for aspiring leaders to get the kind of mentoring that is essential for their development.

Arch of Leadership Online

Directly addressing this situation, the Arch of Leadership devised a way to make mentoring available to you despite these changes in the work environment. That is our sole motivation for going online.

By providing a cost-effective, brief and concentrated (10-week) program, we provide a way for you to take your development as a leader into your own hands.

To make this program suitable for individuals to take without corporate/employer funding, we designed the online course with these factors in mind:

  • You can afford it -- only $795 – and readers of this newsletter receive a $40 discount.
  • You can do it while all the other things in your life are going on: It’s just 10 weeks.
  • You benefit immediately: the assignments immediately inspire you and inform you of your strengths as a leader. Targeted exercises will focus your attention on your leading. Your leading will reach a new level of commitment, intensity and energy.
  • You will have peers who support you.
  • A certified Arch of Leadership mentor guides this class to focus on leading.
  • You take the Keirsey Sorter Temperament Inventory in order to heighten your awareness of the strengths your personality, preferences and talents bring to your leading.
  • Our online workbook lets you access the questions anywhere, and enter your answers in a number of ways, to suit your situation. It organizes your thoughts into a personal learning experience.
  • After you graduate, you receive a discount when you pursue follow-up mentoring with us.
  • To see what we have to offer, at NO OBLIGATION, we created a FREE TOUR so you can try this program out, before you invest.
  • If you start the program, but can’t complete it for some personal reason, you can enroll in a later program, for only a small additional administrative fee.

So you can see, we created a program with your needs in mind. We carefully thought through what your situation was likely to be, and we developed a program to suit your needs.

Of course, you have to decide. That’s what leaders do. You have to take that step that no one is asking you to take – again, that’s what leaders do.

At the Arch of Leadership, your aspirations for great leading are our only concern.

Don’t wait to act on your aspirations to lead greatly. Don’t put it off. Sign up today.

Register here to see what “Your Leadership Difference” is, and the difference it can make in your life and in the lives of your followers. 

Help us! You can then say that you too joined forces to launch a new way to develop the aspiring leaders who bring us bold tomorrows. To learn more about how Arch can work with YOUR organization, contact me personally or visit our website.

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