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January 2010

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Announcing “Your Leadership Difference,”
An On-Line Mentoring Course
For All Aspiring Leaders

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Your Leadership Difference

An on-line executive leader development course:
a proven way for you, wherever you live, whatever your schedule, to step into the life of leading. We recommend this program for managers, people aspiring to greater leading and experienced executives.

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   "Your Leadership Difference"

Michael ShenkmanAn On-Line Mentoring Course For All Aspiring Leaders

My colleague Bonnie Gorbaty sent me some recent statistics from Bersin & Associates Leadership Development Factbook 2009 (Quoted in Mass High Tech):

62% of organizations surveyed said that leadership development is one of their top three talent strategies. 37% rate the leadership capabilities of their top executives as excellent. And, 20% of all companies surveyed offer no development for executives at all.

When I asked Bonnie what she thought about the gap between the 62% of those organizations that professed to offer leader development and 37% of those who thought the leadership capabilities of their executives was excellent – not to mention a somewhat suspiciously small number of firms owning up to offering nothing for leader development – her answer was “Opportunity!”

In the last issue of Leader Pathways we had observed how aspiring leaders were taking their development as leaders into their own hands, rather than relying on their employers’ largesse. These figures confirm just how necessary that is for aspiring leaders. Now Arch of Leadership offers a way for each and every one of you to advance your own leadership aspirations.

We are pleased to announce “Your Leadership Difference,” an on-line, mentor-guided executive leader development course: a proven way for you, wherever you live, whatever your schedule, to step into the life of leading. We recommend this program for managers, people aspiring to greater leading and experienced executives.

This program differs from leadership training or executive coaching. First we help you decide if the life of leading is for you, and then we help you to formulate your “leader brand.” The course helps you become the leader you aspire to be. For experienced leaders, our peer mentoring approach offers a chance to step into leader mentoring as well as sharpen your sense of what you can truly accomplish as a leader.

Individuals can sign up for the program now. Arrangements can be made for single companies to purchase a dedicated in-house program as well.

Experienced On-Line Educators

Arch of Leadership is experienced in on-line learning. The contents and processes in Your Leadership Difference grow out our work with on-line educators at Boston Architecture College. Bonnie Gorbaty and I worked closely with BAC’s educational development staff to adapt the Arch curriculum for on-line use in their Distance Masters Degree Program. Three years of hands-on experience in on-line learning and more than 100 students later, we have evidence that we have crafted an experience worthy of both academic credit and life-shaping effectiveness.

As Curt Lamb, Executive Director of Education Initiatives says of the program: "We base the leadership portion of our master’s curriculum on the Arch of Leadership approach. The practicing architects participating in the program universally feel the insights gleaned from this unit have heightened their effectiveness in promoting change within their firms and their profession."

Billie Spell heads up our on-line development effort. She has been associated with Arch of Leadership for nearly a decade, including being a mentor, and has worked with our whole on-line team, to shape this exciting and new offering. “The social learning aspect of our offering makes it unique,” she says. “We create a virtual community of peers who are engaged in a learning endeavor for the mutual benefit of all the enrollees.  Learning is reinforced with every conversation, and every conversation is richly textured, vibrant, unlimited by time or geography. And our participants develop an important network of support for continued leader development long after the course has been completed.”

The Program

Enrollment is limited to 15 people per class. Enrollees will have frequent contact with a certified Arch of Leadership mentor, and will work on a continuing basis with a peer, who is chosen for you by our trained staff. Public postings of your ideas will generate discussions and enable you to see immediately the kind of impact your leading can have on others’ lives. The Keirsey Sorter will be used to provide you with a snapshot of how your temperament shapes your leading, and the texts and journal used in our one-on-one program are adapted for this new venue. Enrollees receive a special edition of the Arch and the Path journal and a copy of The Arch and the Path: The Life of Leading Greatly. Plans for follow-up and refresher programs for attendees are in the works.

We envision that mentees will spend about three hours a week on the material during the six-month span of the program -- hours constructed, scheduled and chosen to fit your life needs.

Leader Mentoring at Your Fingertips

There is no replacement for mentoring in developing leaders. Still, as the survey shows, conscious efforts at leader development are scarce and ineffective. Our mentoring approach is effective and makes a difference in people’s lives because our graduates are mentored into excellence, not merely trained or coached into proficiency. Our on-line program builds a lasting community that will support your leader development for years to come.

Go to www.leadermentoring.com for more information. And then, sign up today. 

Help us! You can then say that you too joined forces to launch a new way to develop the aspiring leaders who bring us bold tomorrows. To learn more about how Arch can work with YOUR organization, contact me personally or visit www.leadermentoring.com.