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September 2006

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In Michael Shenkman's book The Arch and the Path we see how great leaders embark on a strenuous life path in order to transform mere possibilities into more expansive and encompassing opportunities for all. Shenkman vividly portrays how the life of leading is a journey of the mind, heart and spirit that is like no other.

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   "Excelerating" Our Mentoring Program

Michael ShenkmanMentoring can take many forms. Sometimes it’s a process cultivated over a long stretch of time; sometimes it is a short, high intensity encounter; sometimes it’s a relationship cultivated in only a few months.

We at Arch of Leadership are always striving to respond to the real situations that our clients face, and one of those constant factors is time. Senior executives’ sense of time is one of compression; they need to squeeze in as much as they can in a very short time frame. We’ve heard for example that our eight-month program format seemed like an eternity to many executives. “In that time span, we are practically through one budget cycle and on to the next,” one told us.

Still, it is clear to us that executives who are brand-new to the role of leader, or recently promoted, or whose time in a leadership role has been less than a few years, will benefit tremendously from our program’s ability to help them sort out the difference between managing and leading. Managers in these situations may in fact benefit from our leader mentoring process more than any other category! That’s because managers newly promoted into executive ranks appreciate such lessons and insights as these:

  • Managers incrementally affect processes; leaders DRAMATICALLY change people’s lives.
  • Leading relies on WHO YOU ARE, not what you know.
  • People need the CONSTANCY of your relationship to them if they are going to follow you.
  • Your vision comes to life by HOW you come to work each day.
  • Your STORIES reveal the values you instill, not your memos.

But since executives must live in a compressed time frame, we decided it was important that we offer a compressed version of our program to fit their needs. In particular, we wanted to design a program that would make our points both succinctly and in a hard-hitting way, while aiming, as mentors, to impact their lives as leaders, not merely increase their knowledge of the kinds of “stuff” that leaders supposedly do.

Our response to all these issues is our new Executive Excelerator Program. This 90-day format exclusively targets senior executives who have been promoted within the last three years. In it, the essential elements of the Arch mentoring process will be covered, including Self-Awareness, Self-Trust, personal stories of impact, Leader Brand, and Vision. Monthly half-day group sessions will allow participants to share their experiences as leaders and build up mutual trust so that they can support each other in their growth as leaders. Individual mentoring sessions will be intensely focused on practical, day-to-day experiences as participants step into leading. The Excelerator program will utilize all Arch of Leadership proprietary materials including my book, The Arch and the Path: The Life of Leading Greatly. Unlimited mentor-mentoree contact will also be a feature of the program, as well as (upon request), “advanced” mentoring.

Of course, our other formats remain available as well. For high-level managers and executives, our eight-month program is ideal, and we also offer a three-month intensive program for this level group as well. Younger, bright-prospect managers would benefit from getting a taste of the demands of leading early in their advancement, so we’re offering a three-day group program for them, tailored to their experience and ambitions.

If you are as convinced as we are that investing in leading is worth every penny– and if you’ve any doubt about that, see our July 2006 Leader Pathways at http://www.archofleadership.com/archinthenews/archinthenews.htm#eblast — we at Arch can surely help you find a solution to fit our programs to your needs and company resources. Contact me to learn more by replying to this email.

Click here for more info on this valuable new program: Executive Excelerator*

NOTE: We thank Next Generation Economy (NextGen), Albuquerque, NM, for permission to use the name “Excelerator.” The “Entrepreneurial Leadership Excelerator” is a proprietary program of NextGen, with which the Arch of Leadership is directly associated. We use the name “Excelerator” with the express permission of NextGen.

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