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March 2007

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Two New Joint Leader Development
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In Michael Shenkman's book The Arch and the Path we see how great leaders embark on a strenuous life path in order to transform mere possibilities into more expansive and encompassing opportunities for all. Shenkman vividly portrays how the life of leading is a journey of the mind, heart and spirit that is like no other.

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   Two New Joint Leader Development Ventures for 2007

Michael Shenkman Community Mentoring Program in Albuquerque the Entrepreneurial Leadership Excelerator (ELE), Begins a New Chapter

For the past four years the Arch of Leadership has conducted a community mentoring program called the Entrepreneurial Excelerator (ELE). In this form of the Arch, we train mentors from the community who then work with young and aspiring leaders from the Albuquerque business and service community using our curriculum and methods.

This year something special occurred. Our host organization, which has funded and administered the program for the past four years, ceased operation. As a result, the ELE could also have faded into the good night. But the graduates and mentors in the program would not allow that to happen. Without hesitation or reservation, these members of the community we created came together in order to reconstitute and continue the program, now as a self-standing, independent entity.

“We see the ELE as providing a unique and invaluable resource for personal growth and development as a leader,” said Michelle Detry, one of the ELE mentors and a member of the Steering Committee.

This group of dedicated individuals, on a completely volunteer basis, recruited new mentees, formed partnerships for the ELE in the community, raised and donated personal funds so that the ELE could offer scholarships for new attendees, helped with establishing a non-profit affiliation and much more. New mentors also volunteered to work with the ELE. These were all contributions of hard work and considerable donations of time.

So it is with great pride and genuine gratitude to the ELE community that I am pleased to announce the formation of the new ELE Class of ’07, commencing on March 9, 2007.

Boston Architectural College to Teach Leader Development in Remote Master’s Program… With Our Help!

This past month, we also enjoyed a special honor when Boston Architectural College (BAC) chose us to provide leader-development education for its nationwide Distance Master of Architecture program, aimed at practicing professional architects. Based on my book, The Arch and the Path: The Life of Leading Greatly and taught by our Boston-based partner Bonnie Gorbaty, the program will focus on a leader’s “skills of character,” “self-trust,” and “leader brand.” Its two daylong intensive interactive sessions on the BAC Boston campus (with online follow-up) includes journal writing and a supervised peer-dialogue and mentoring process.

While Arch content has been offered in other academic settings in the past, this will be the first time our ideas will serve professionals studying for a master’s degree. Curt Lamb, director of the Distance Master of Architecture program, offered this explanation for the BAC decision: “Arch of Leadership focuses on getting to know oneself as a leader and then models mentoring as the key to developing as a leader. Architects need to lead in all aspects of their work, from creative work, to guiding client and community involvement, to building and sustaining a practice.”

The effectiveness of the Distance Master’s program will be enhanced by the fact that its students will be established professionals who truly appreciate the value and challenges of leading. An optimal audience for our work, these experienced practitioners will reward us with their seasoned insights and feedback. The program expresses “a global view of growing in one’s profession,” Bonnie explains. “We are thrilled to be a part of such a creative approach to architectural education.”

As a result of the BAC program, our doors will now be opened to candidates nationwide with an undergraduate major in architecture and one year of experience in the profession. This dovetails nicely with the many corporate, service, community and educational settings in the US and Canada where our Arch subject matter has already been incorporated, including the training and certifying of mentors via our proprietary curriculum and materials. BAC’s Distance Master’s program thus moves us another major step forward in our quest to introduce the Arch of Leadership message to the widest possible world.

To learn more about the BAC program, click: www.the-bac.edu.

To learn more about how Arch can work with YOUR organization, visit www.archofleadership.com.

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