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The Executive Excelerator* -
Becoming the Leader YOU Are

You’ve excelled as a manager of change in your company. Now it’s time to lead it in new directions, fostering growth and excitement for you and others in your company.   And it's time too to help your company be a place where things not only get done but where people develop their talents, feeling excited and alive... and looking forward to coming to work each day! 

Our Executive Excelerator will help you step into this challenging unfamiliar arena, discovering and cultivating the leader YOU are, while learning how to guide others down the same path… to a life of leading.

In this intensive, new, fast-paced 90-day program, experienced executives like you will move quickly beyond merely managing your company’s changes into dynamically leading your company’s growth. By defining and implementing your “leader brand” within the context of group interactions and personal one-on-one sessions (with an experienced, certified Arch of Leadership mentor), our Executive Excelerator will enable you to:

… take time to distinguish between the crush of everyday responsibilities and the bolder, riskier responses required of leaders

… step out of that torrent of “duties” and awaken your ability to those opportunities your organization can (and must) take

… separate managing of process changes from impactfully guiding your organization’s overall direction and growth

… define how and to whom you are a leader (recognizing that many of your followers may be quite distinct from those who report to you)

… translate your personal style, whatever that may be, into effective leading

…. appreciate how people perceive you as a leader

… articulate how your “leader vision” distinguishes your organization from others in terms of values, culture, and strategic initiative in its markets, and how your leading puts your vision into practice every day

… create a course of future, ongoing personal leader development

… become the leader you know you are !

Program Details


  • Four senior executives (SE) per group (SEs must possess minimum one year, up to maximum of four years in the role).
  • Program conducted on site at executive’s facility.
  • Ratio of one Arch of Leadership certified mentor assigned to only four participating executives.


  • Duration: 90 days (three consecutive months)
  • Each month: half-day group session (e.g., Tuesday); two follow-up individual sessions (e.g., one on Wednesday; one on Thursday)


Month One:

1) Half-Day Group: Introduction to the Arch of Leadership concepts of creative leading

2) Personal Profiles: Evaluation based on others’ experience of your leading so as to define your current performance as a leader

3) Individual Sessions: Review profile, review your leading, set personal outcome goals for Arch concepts of Self-Awareness, Practical Insight, People Skills, Energy & Drive

Month Two:

1) Half-Day Group : Introduction to the Arch of Leadership concepts of Self Trust and Leader Brand

2) Individual Sessions: Review your leader stories, review your Leader Brand, set personal Leader Brand goals

Month Three:

1) Half-Day Group: Introduction to the Arch of Leadership conceptual framework of Vision, including Disturbing Concern, Signature Behavior, Values, Culture, Strategy, Mission

2) Individual Sessions: Review your leader experiences, review your Vision and its components, set personal leader development goals


  • There will be homework and written assignments between each monthly session
  • Unlimited telephone questions and contact available as desired during the program


  • Arch of Leadership profiler
  • Kiersey Sorter (MBTI format)
  • The Arch and the Path: The Life of Leading Greatly by Michael Shenkman
  • The Arch and the PathWorkbook
  • Selected articles
  • Choose and read a leader’s biography from the reading list


TBD, payable on program’s start. Nonrefundable.

*We thank Next Generation Economy (NextGen), Albuquerque, NM, for permission to use the name “Excelerator.” The “Entrepreneurial Leadership Excelerator” is a proprietary program of NextGen with which the Arch of Leadership is directly associated. We use that name with the express permission of NextGen.